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Crazy ants & a solid metal – Macbook pro

Posted by jimstech on May 29, 2016

All of a sudden while starting my lappie, as a macbook user, most of us are well known to the initial chime with the DVD drive engagement sound. But to me on that day, the drive engagement sound was totally different and the initial boot took some seconds more.

Thinking that some thing is going wrong with the drive pre-check at the booting time, my macbook has already arrived the desktop screen. Within some minutes i could able to see uninvited guests popping out from the keypad area.

To my surprise, not just one or two..!!!!!, a bunch of crazy ants trying to come because of the warmness it felt from the processor. i’m pissssseeeedddd….. 😦 .. yes really.

Is the apple metal tastes soooo sweet for the ants ?????? 😯

To respond with my uninvited guests, i’ve just quickly turned off the machine and prepared myself to openup the rear cover. Yes,., shocked to see the whole bunch of crazy creatures around the DVD drive area and HDD area. But, Thank God..!! those creatures were happy to roam around the logic board and not top of it..If in that case, the PWM or some of the SMC’s could have went short.

Have a look at the below images for the uninvited creatures.!!!


Logic board – Macbook pro

All tiny black dots (above and below) are ANTS having their team meeting to plan for the next set of a adventurezzzzz..!!!!!


rear case – Macbook pro


But this given me a chance to do a maintenance cleanup – usually the processor fan and the logic board.

Beware..!!!! do not pour out any alcohol type cleaner for cleaning without disconnecting the battery from the logic board. Do make a note of the screws location while disassembling. This model has 3 different set of screws (Unibody 2011 models & later) for holding the rear case and never try to push wrong screws into the holes.


Macbook pro – Battery connector


Unibody macbook pro – 2011 model screw locations


I think this is the 3rd or 4rth time the rear case is opened up for maintenance activity. Happieeeeeeeeeeee that there is no damage for any of the internal parts :).


After few weeks of usage, i could able to understand that the internal speaker/woofers diaphragm is eaten by these creatures..!! looking out for a quality replacement 😦


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EBL 840 9V Charger with 600mAh Battery – Review

Posted by jimstech on May 14, 2016

It’s been some months, i thought of buying a 9v rechargeable battery for my wireless audio equipments. But from the past experience which i got from the AA rechargable batteries supported by useless chargers made me to do some research which took some months to take a decision.

Upon arriving a closer point of purchase, the decision was to buy a simple and cheap charger controlled by a MC/ MP. with some reviews from here and there from the internet and audio forums, the product which i bought is EBL 840 with 2 pieces of 600mAh battery for $36 inclusive of International shipping to India.

Amazon link for buying EBL 840



Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 120mA
Output: 1.2V DC 200mA;3.6V DC 150mA;9V DC 100mA
No Load Power Consumption: 1W MAX
Full Load power consumption: 5W MAX
Battery Charge Rate: >80%

Compatible with:
6F22(9v) li-ion Battery
6F22(9v) Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Battery



After receiving the product, the first impression is the packaging which was good enough to withstand vibration and sudden drops. Preliminary checks are done with voltage readings on both the 6F22 batteries and the charger. The first-worst experience is the one, Needless to say, the 2 page mini user guide which is an absolute crap of no matching information.

Alright, since i have paid more than INR-2k for this product the internal guy inside me was very curious to see the internal circuit and components used. Housing was good with US standard attached power plug at the rear top area. The whole device was secured with just 2 screws which made the disassembly job very easy.

Initial catch was the markings in the PCB which states that the original manufacturer is Beston (BST), a china manufacturer who has some good reputation in European countries among their products. The same circuit model (BST-C818) is also listed on their website. My device is tagged as design version(v1) relesed in the late year of 2014.


HOT Area:

The first component which catch’d my eye upon removing the top housing is the transformer. Circuit design is very simple with not much safety components. AC line is directly connected to the SMD Bridge Rectifier via 10 ohms 1/2 watt resistor in series and there is no pre line filter’s. Output from the BD is filtered by a 400v E-Cap and sent to switching transistor with some mega ohms resistor in parallel connected with a zener and 104  ceramic capacitor in between.As asusal in all SMPS circuits, the switched voltage is feeded to mini transformer which isolates the High-low voltage area.


EBL 840 – internal front view


COLD Area:

Output stage of the transformer is again stabilized with some resistors and zener’s with a single SMD capacitor. Single comparator for each battery terminal is connected with the LED indicators. But these comparators also sense’s the inflow current to batteries which is under charge. There is a SMD which has 5H5 named on it which is a step down constant DC-DC 600ma IC that controls the entire charging process. It also has an feedback pin which controls the output when the battery is fully charged.


EBL 840 – internal rear view

Overall, this charger is a compact one with a variable voltage from 100v-240v which charges 2 pieces of 6F22 9v li-on/ Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd batteries at a time in parallel. Charging status is identified by the Red color LED indicators. Downside is, the circuit will not withstand sudden spikes and will be noisy for sure.


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How to Save a Phone Dropped in Water ??

Posted by jimstech on March 30, 2009

Take the phone out of the water immediately and without even thinking take out the battery. Even better, take the battery out whilst the phone is under water! 😉

As a result water will enter the battery compartment and it will short-out the battery. This is why you need to get the battery out as quickly as possible. Indeed, many circuits inside the phone will quite easily survive immersion in water as long as they are not attached to a power source. Also water is a very good conductor of heat. So even if you do have a short it may not necessarily damage the phone because of the water.So, what you absolutely must do is to remove the power source, the battery, as quickly and as safely as possible.

Never, ever, try heating the battery to dry it otherwise it could leak, or at worst, explode.If you are going to use any method to dry your phone, ensure that the battery is disconnected and stored safely away. Now remove your SIM card from the phone. If you phone is a GSM one then the chances are that you will have saved some (if not all) your contact details to the SIM card. Indeed, these data may be more valuable to you than the phone itself. SIM cards are solid state components.

Now turn your attention back to the phone itself. What you need to do is to get the phone as dry as possible as quickly as possible.What you can’t do is, so simply leave the phone to air-dry by itself as prolonged exposure to water will damage a number of the components and if the water itself isn’t particularly clean, or you come from a hard water area mineral deposits left as the phone dries will cause even more damage.

Remove as many of the phone’s covers as you can and open any slots so that air can pass through the phone. Now stand your phone next to a hairdryer.don’t set it too close to the phone (too much heat will damage the phone’s components just as surely as too much water will) ;).Leave the phone for about 5 hours.Continue this process until you see no more moisture.

Note that excessive heat can damage your phone even more than the water. Use only gentle heat and make sure that your phone is completely dry before applying any kind of power otherwise if you get a short the heat created may well damage your phone’s components beyond repair.Exposing your mobile to sunlight is far better(display should face the ground).

Now comes the brave part. After you have left your phone for at least a day(sunlight,longer might be better) re-attach the battery to see if it works.If your phone does not work ,change your battery(trial & check).If it works then you’re in luck.

If your phone has dropped in the sea (or other salt water) then remove the phone’s battery as above and immediately immerse the phone in fresh water or run it under a tap otherwise, as the salt water dries crystals of salt will form and these are sure to short-out your phone as soon as any power is applied.

Good luckssss ;)…..

Have a great day..

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“Bootmgr”missing error in win vista??

Posted by jimstech on March 29, 2009

Have you met with “BOOTMGR” missing error in windows vista???


Here is the solution,

Boot your system with a windows vista DVD…

It ‘ll boot and it’ll finish some preliminary tests.after that you will be getting a window like this..


Select your language,Time format and click “Next” ..

Then you should click “Repair your computer” on the next window.


After that it’ll search for Microsoft’s product in your system  and it will find your WINDOWS VISTA. Like this..


Select it and click Next.. A window will appear..


In this window click “start up repair” now u r done..

The installation process will repair the system, and then prompt you to reboot.

Reboot your system…

After Rebooting ,Everything should be working.

If not please comment your Error and we will guide you as soon as possible..

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