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Airtel’s 4GLTE service started in India

Posted by jimstech on April 14, 2012

Airtel 4G LTE — Upto 40mbps(10 times higher than previous technology)

4G LTE(Long Term Evolution) offers fastest wireless internet ever, offering break-free speeds up to 40mbps on the move. Redefine everything you know about the internet.

Users can feel speeds up to 100mbps while downloading, and 40mbps while uploading. Break free of buffering and waiting.  Airtel has announced 2 different USB devices for accessing 4G service.

Device prices from Rs 7,750 and Rs 7,999 and three data plans namely breakfree,break free max,breakfree ultra ranging between Rs 999 and Rs 1,999(available in both prepaid and postpaid).

The lesser priced device is meant for indoor access of the service while the higher priced dongle is for using broadband on the move.

4GLTE technology offers…..

The high speed buffering, Play live multiplayer games, watch seamless streaming video, video chat with your friends and family in high definition and do much more while on the move….!

As of release(April2012), Airtel provides an usb device ZTE(model no. E392) comes with USIM(Universal Subscriber Identity Module) and Multimode Mode support for 2G / 3G / 4G networks.

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One Response to “Airtel’s 4GLTE service started in India”

  1. Pravin said

    Airtel is counted as one of the latest technology based mobile service provider company throughout India. The company has provided 2g and 3g Service quite effectively. After Spectrum auction the Company plans to roll-out high speed 4G networks in 14 circles using FD-LTE technology in the 1800 MHz band and with TD-LTE technology in the 2300 MHz band in remaining eight circles, giving it a pan-India 4G service provider. By the way thanks a lot for such a nice and informative posting. I appreciate a lot for your blogging effort.

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