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Registry editor has been disabled [solved]100%

Posted by jimstech on November 6, 2009

How to kick out “registry editor has been disabled” error from u r PC??

Yes, here we go..

Step 1: click start button then press “r” or simply click the run from accessories

Step 2: type gpedit.msc..now you will get this window..

Step 3: Click on Administrative Templates under user configuration

Step 4: Click the System and locate the “Prevent access to registry editing tools” and double click on it

Step 5: Select the enabled on the option button then click apply.

This will make a policy to prevent access to the registry editing tools.

Step 6: After clicking on apply select the disabled in the option button then click the apply again then click ok button when finished.

The disabled button will make the policy into default. The computer will automatically configure it and becomes a default config.

Yes.tats it….

Now you can access your Registry editor..

Have fun!!!!

How to Enable Task manager disabled by virus?


4 Responses to “Registry editor has been disabled [solved]100%”

  1. Liveagain said

    Thanks..Great job..

  2. Aleana said

    thank you..step to step picture helping more.please tell me to clear task manager error.i am using xp windows.sorry for bad english.

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