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DirectX 10 – A New Release

Posted by jimstech on April 6, 2009

Directx 10 for Vista/Xp and Game lovers…..!!

DirectX end-user runtime (March 2009 update) DirectX March 2009. Update DirectX 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX—the core Windows technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on your PC.

One of the most exciting developments in Windows Vista is the groundbreaking graphics technology. Many of the newest Windows games take full advantage of the next-generation graphics technology in Windows Vista called DirectX® 10. DirectX 10 provides an incredibly detailed experience for gamers of every type, and enables game creators to increase a game’s level of realism, enhancing details and complexity in gaming worlds, apply effects like dynamic lighting and weather, and much more.

While Windows Vista is fully compatible with games and hardware that use older versions of DirectX, the new DirectX 10 features are available with a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card and games designed to take advantage of this new technology. Adding a DirectX 10 card to a PC running Windows Vista is like turbocharging your gaming experience. Existing games (most of which were written using DirectX® 9) get world class performance, while unlocking the new generation of gaming graphics with DirectX 10 optimized games.

The first video cards with DirectX 10 support are available today with ATI Radeon & NVIDIA GeForce cards


At the core of DirectX are its application programming interfaces, or APIs. The APIs act as a kind of bridge for the hardware and the software to “talk” to each other. The DirectX APIs gives multimedia applications access to the advanced features of high-performance hardware such as three-dimensional (3-D) graphics acceleration chips and sound cards. They control low- level functions, including two- dimensional (2-D) graphics acceleration; support for input devices such as joysticks, keyboards, and mice; and control of sound mixing and sound output.

Because of DirectX, what you experience with your computer is,

  • Better 3-D graphics
  • Immersive music
  • Audio effects.

DirectX 10 adds a new level of realism to games by making characters more life-like.

To Download DirectX 10,CLICK HERE.


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