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How To Uninstall Hidden Program In XP??

Posted by jimstech on March 30, 2009

During Windows XP setup, there are programs that are installed automatically, like

  • Games
  • Accessories (Calculator, Clock, and so on)
  • Multimedia
  • Accessibility options

These items also do not appear in the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel when Setup is finished making you no choice if for any reason you want to uninstall this XP built-in programs.

Luckily enough, there’s still way to show up this programs in Add/Remove Programs and let you uninstall.

To show this built-in programs,

Go to Start>>Run copy paste the following  %SystemRoot%\Inf  and locate Sysoc.inf file then open it using Notepad.
For each component you want to appear in the Add/Remove Programs tool, remove the “Hide” comment.

For example, change
Then go to Control Panel>> Add/Remove Programs, and on the left side of the window click the Add/Remove Windows Component icon. (wait for the setup)

The built-in program will then be shown on Add/Remove programs.You will now have the options to uninstall the built-in programs.

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