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How to Fix a stuck/dead pixel on a LCD ??

Posted by jimstech on March 30, 2009

Worried about dead/stuck pixels in your LCD monitor/TV/PDA??

Here is the easiest way to fix it..

Place a damp (not wet!) towel over you monitor/tv/pda. Place your stylus or blunt pencil tip on the towel over where the stuck pixel is. You have to place it exactly on the stuck pixel. Now turn off(power) your monitor and apply a small amount of pressure to the stylus / pencil. Wait two seconds and then turn on(power) your monitor. Your stuck pixel should be fixed! If it is not, try repeating but this time, apply a little more pressure.But beware you may crack your screen 🙂

This method works(100%) because a stuck pixel is a pixel in which the liquid in the liquid crystal has not or not completely spread to this pixel. The backlight uses this liquid and lets different amounts of light through. This affects the color of the pixel. The pressure helps the liquid in the liquid crystal move around.

Good luckzzzzzz….


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